Wrestling Classics Return

Posted on 4 Aug 2015

In 2014, Wrestling Classics showcased some of the hottest shows from libraries purchased by the UTA. Now, almost a year later, Wrestling Classics has returned! Log into the UTA Network today for WARPEDlive 16 - Live From Death's Door.


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Superstar of the Week: Zhalia Fears

Posted on 4 Aug 2015

Although by the end of the night, Zhalia Fears would not be in a very favorable position, she did what no one thought she could. Escaping a devastating choke slam by Crimson Lord after giving him 120%, Fears would go on to look amazing and pull off a win over the monster.

Congratulations Zhalia for becoming the Superstar of the Week.

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Victory XXXVI Available to Stream

Posted on 3 Aug 2015

The final Victory before Ring King was huge. The tag team championships were on the line in the main event, Crimson Lord continued his streak of destruction, and more!


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Superstar of the Month: Alex Beckman

Posted on 3 Aug 2015

The Prodigy Champion has dominated since bursting onto the scene in the UTA, destroying opponent after opponent. Things were no different in July during the Ring King tournament when Beckman beat not just one but both underdogs in the tournament.

First defeating Tyrone Walker, a tag team specialist whom after an impressive first few rounds was named most likely to win, she moved on to former Legacy Champion Will Haynes. Haynes, another whom overcame the odds to make it to the semi finals, had his dreams of facing for the World Title destroyed as Alex Beckman increased her record to 9-0 at the last Wrestleshow.

Congratulations Alex Beckman on becoming Superstar of the Month.

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UTA Radio Returns Tonight

Posted on 30 Jul 2015

It's Thursday, and that means it's time for UTA Radio on Join us at 6pm PST/8pm CST/9pm EST as we discuss the previous show, upcoming shows, and more!

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New Power Rankings Released

Posted on 29 Jul 2015

There's been a lot of movement in the last week on the list with the exit of some superstars and the debut of others. Check the list today to see where your favorite superstar stands.


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Superstar of the Week: Alex Beckman

Posted on 29 Jul 2015

Alex Beckman kept her undefeated streak this week when she was able to defeat Will Haynes in the main event of Wrestleshow to secure her place in the Ring King finals.

Congratulations Alex Beckman on becoming Superstar of the Week.

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Wrestleshow #42 Available to Stream

Posted on 27 Jul 2015

The superstars of the UTA headed to our nation's capitol for another exciting episode of Wrestleshow on Pure Sports Entertainment. Watch now to find out who moved on to the finals of the 2015 Ring King tournament.


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